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Aluminum, Copper, & Automobile Recycling in Huntington, West Virginia

Taylor Iron & Metal of Huntington, West Virginia, provides a variety of aluminum, copper, and automobile recycling services, as well as services for other materials and metals.

Aluminum Recycling

Our local recycling center can recycle most grades and types of aluminum. Bring in your new or used aluminum— all of it has value as recyclable items. Frequently recycled items include:

• Auto & Truck Wheels
• Automobile Parts
• Plate & Structural Products

• Radiators & Condensers
• Siding
• Turnings & Shavings
• Beverage Cans
• Cast Aluminum Products
Aluminum, Automobile Recycling in Huntington, WV


To get the best prices, aluminum products need to be free of any kind of contamination. Feel free to call us at (304) 525-6390 for the requirements concerning scrap aluminum. We also buy unclean and contaminated aluminum at reduced prices.

Brass Recycling

Most grades and types of brass can be recycled, including machine shop turnings and solids, as well as miscellaneous household items. If you bring us something made of brass, we’ll probably buy it. Some of the most frequently recycled brass items include:

• Fire Extinguishers
• Industrial Scrap

• Household Items
• Plumbing Supplies
• Water Meters

Copper Recycling

Copper of all grades is recycled at Taylor Iron & Metal, whether it’s a few pounds or several trailer loads. We’re equipped to handle all of your copper recycling needs, and you can get grading instructions and current prices by contacting our local recycling center. Common copper materials include:

• Bare Bright
• #1 Copper

• #2 Copper
• Sheet Copper
• Insulated Copper Wire
• Copper Turnings


Unclean Copper

To receive the best prices, copper must be free of iron, rubber, plastic, and other contaminants. Unclean copper is purchased at a reduced price.

Automobile Recycling

We buy complete vehicles, burnt and stripped vehicles, and vehicles with or without motors and transmissions for automobile recycling. A photo I.D. may be required for the sale of any automobile. All gas tanks must be removed, and tires must be removed or taken back after delivery to the yard.

Motors and transmissions must have pans removed and oil properly drained, and trunks must be free of debris and scrap metal. All fluids must be drained, and Freon must be properly removed.

Prohibited Items

Under no circumstances do we accept any of the following: 

• Propane Tanks (Any Size)
• Freon Tanks (Any Size)
• Compressed Air Tanks (Any Size)
• Oxygen Tanks (Any Size or Type)
• Acetylene Tanks
• Co2 Tanks
• Sealed Tanks of Any Type or Size
• Electrical Capacitors

• Televisions/Monitors
• Computers
• Microwave Ovens
• Kegs (Any Type or Size)
• Items Containing Food or Food
• Objects or Containers with Wet
  Paint or Tar
• Power Wheel Batteries
• Window Screens (Aluminum/Nylon)
• Windows with Glass
• Any Item Containing
• Plastic/Rubber Lined Tanks or Vats
• Rail Road Material (Must Have
• Electrical Light Ballast
• Tires of Any Type or Size
• Liquid/Gas/Vapor/Oil/Grease Filled
• Cracked or Leaking Batteries
• Gasoline Tanks
• Ammunition of Any Type


Contact us today for more information about our aluminum, copper, and automobile recycling services in Huntington, West Virginia.